Buying a motorcycle is not easy. You have to know how to choose the right one according to your needs and requirements.

Are you a guy who likes powerful motorcycles? If you are wondering how to choose a motorcycle, you must first ask the question “what will I use it for? Will you go to work on it? Will you use it for long trips? For example, you can choose a motorcycle with the most loud motorcycle horn.

Choose a motorcycle according to your needs

A motorcycle should be chosen wisely, who would not like to travel on a beautiful Harley Davdison or a Yamaha with high power?

But you will be fully aware that if you needed the latter to go to work, you would only waste money.

Fast bikes

If you are a person who likes to race or who often goes to the track, in order to try the supersport bike, then you will need one of two hundred horses.

Advantages: excellent performance on the track; often quite light;

Disadvantages: not good to use them every day, to go to work; need continuous maintenance (costs are high);

Travel lover

Are you wondering how to choose travel bikes? Surely I recommend either a Sport Tourer model or a nice Naked.

In both you can use in the side parts, the travel bags. The weight of both vehicles is around 200 kg. They are very heavy and may be a bit uncomfortable to drive.

Daily use

If you want to buy a motorcycle to use every day or simply to go to work, the first thing you need to think about is comfort.

If you also want to make a good impression, you can opt for a Tourer (the smaller models) or one of the Motord or enduro models.

Which engine to choose?

The engine part is very important, those at your disposal are essentially four:

  1. Single cylinder: bigger and very short thrusts, among the preferred ones: enduro, motocross, motard.
  2. Twin-cylinder: most motorcyclists who like to drive on the road, prefer the two-cylinder engine. Aprilia and Ducati for example, are motorcycles with high performance and very low rpm.
  3. Three cylinders: is the preferred type of engine, for those who want a mix of good handling and good performance at the same time. At the moment the models produced by Benelli and Triumph prevail.
  4. Four cylinders: the most powerful, the best from the performance point of view.

New or used bike? the price makes the difference

Which bike to choose? Better a new or used one? Needless to say that the first option is certainly the most convenient, a little less for the price.

But in case you have little budget available, you could find good opportunities (see motorcycles used for no more than a year). Of course at the dealership, you would pay 20% more because of the VAT.

In addition, Japanese bikes, unlike Italian ones, are often “sold”, despite their excellent condition.

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