In Sweden, however, they are taking this question more seriously, and that is where a new term has spread, “flygskam”, which literally means “the shame of flying”. And there is even a new term for those who fly but prefer to hide it, “smygflyga” or fly secretly.


One of the first promoters of the flygskam was the Olympic gold medalist and now commentator Bjorn Ferry . And the idea gained more followers after the mother of Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg publicly declared her intention not to fly again.

Not in vain, every time you take a flight you are producing an impact equivalent to 100,000 plastic bottles , more than all you will spend in a lifetime. Even traveling by car is more sustainable .

And is that four people on an airplane produce 10 to 20 times more CO2 than the same people driving a car at about 50 kilometers per hour to cover the same distance. Hour by hour, there is no better way to warm the planet than to fly on an aeroplane.

That is why in Sweden, a country that is a paradigm of environmental concern, they also speak now of the “Sanskrit” or pride of travelling by train. When travelling by train a passenger emits 14 grams of CO2 per km, compared to 285 grams issued if you travel by plane (a train of about 150 passengers and an aircraft of 88).

This trend is taking root so much that it has been estimated that flygskam could be behind the 5% drop in air traffic in Sweden in the first quarter of this year. Other factors may have influenced, such as the heat wave.

Be that as it may, here you can basically give two scenarios. The first: that this new level of environmental awareness is so difficult to maintain by users that, finally, it becomes a residual fashion (it is still much easier to teach on Instagram than buying without plastic bags or going to the purchase with tupper).

The second: that the development of electric planes, which are getting closer, will end up dismantling this new concern. The most probable thing is that a mixture of both occurs, or as the economist Miguel Anxo Bastos would say: “Who has done more to save the trees? The environmentalism or the pen drive?”

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