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National, international, beach or city destinations. Different from each other but all worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.


This port city in southwestern France is often called “the pearl of Aquitaine”, a region of which Bordeaux is the capital. Its historic centre and monuments are famous for their beauty. In fact, part of the city, Puerto de la Luna, was registered as a World Heritage Site. Although it is also known for its vineyards.


The Mediterranean island is internationally famous for the beauty of its beaches and coves, as well as its nightlife, which attracts so many tourists every year. Ibiza never goes out of style.


To the southwest of France, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, is this city, the fourth most populated of the country. 90 km from the Spanish Pyrenees and crossed by the Garonne River, Toulouse is nicknamed the “Ciudad Rosa” because of the dominant colour in the old buildings, made with caravista bricks.


The largest island of the Balearic archipelago is also the largest in the Mediterranean. Formerly it was known as “the island of calm” for its peaceful atmosphere. Its more than 345 beaches, from small stone coves to long sandy beaches, have made it a popular tourist destination. 


Lyon was during the Roman Empire the ancient capital of Gaul. In the Middle Ages, it became a commercial city and in the nineteenth century a financial centre of the first order. This being so, it is not surprising that it has an important historical and architectural heritage. It is also famous as one of the gastronomic capitals of France.


The city is known as “City of Light” is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Its list of monuments worth seeing at least once in life is extensive: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, Notre Dame … Not to mention it’s cultural, gastronomic, fashion and luxury offer.


Menorca was declared in the 90s Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. There are a lot of megalithic monuments and important archaeological sites have been found, which make the Mediterranean island much more than beaches and coves.


Located on the banks of the Thames, London is one of the nerve centres in the field of arts, entertainment, fashion and tourism. Besides having numerous museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions, it has four enclaves declared World Heritage Sites. Among them is the Tower of London, the Westminster Abbey or the Botanical Garden of Kew.


Porto is the most important city in Portugal, after Lisbon. It is located in the north of the country and has a large historical heritage, although during the last decades it has been modernized. On the south bank of the Douro River are its famous wine cellars.


The capital of Wales is an important tourist centre. A small but dynamic and creative city that has a wide cultural offer. It mixes contemporary buildings with old nineteenth-century buildings. However, it is considered the youngest capital of Europe. A living and modern city at the same time as Victorian.


Brussels is not only the main administrative headquarters of the European Union, but you can also eat the best chocolate and drink the best beers in the world. A city that has the characteristics of a great city together with the charm of the quieter small cities.

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